NUTRIAL 2014-2015 project

Title: Integrating the health and natural dimension into food: development and formulation of natural extracts to benefit health and a nutritional formula for substitution of lipids, sugar, salt, chemical additives and allergens

Project developer:         CELABOR

Acronym:                         NUTRIAL

Contract no.:                   1318127

From:                               01/01/2014

To:                                    31/12/2015


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Financed by: Wallonia Region – Directorate General Operational of Economy, Employment and Research (DGO6)

Brief outline of the project:

Health and local products are major factors for the food of developed countries. The link between food and health has now been clearly established by scientific studies and is recognised by the majority of the population. The food factor has, indeed, been clearly identified as the main causal element of certain disorders, instabilities and illnesses (diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc.). This is why governments now encourage enterprises in the agri-food sector to produce foodstuffs more balanced in terms of nutrition.

The guide is principally intended for Wallonian industrial enterprises producing agri-food, food supplements, nutritional and functional ingredients, as well as, potentially, such areas as health food, animal nutrition, parapharmacy and cosmetics.

It provides them with technical and legal support to incorporate the health, nutrition and natural dimension into their range of food products and by-products.

This integration will involve three complementary approaches:

  1. using new natural extracts for health care in foodstuffs;
  2. reducing the use of ingredients and additives in food which are harmful to varying degrees  (fat, salt, sugar, chemical preservatives, chemical flavourings and colourings, allergens, etc.) by substituting new functional natural extracts or innovative raw materials;
  3. improving the production of healthy and natural food products of nutritional quality by using special quick-measuring sensors in the monitoring process.


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Role of the CER:

Using its experience and expertise in the area of food allergen problems, the CER Group will be able to evaluate extraction and substitution results for health products and foodstuffs developed by CELABOR. Indeed, in order to add value to the products developed, the “allergen risk” for them will be subjected to careful examination. There will be discussions to establish suitable protocols for avoiding the presence of allergens in the products and an evaluation of the finished products will be carried out by the CER Group’s laboratory. The enterprises will also benefit from an evaluation of the production chain to avoid any risk of cross-contamination due to the presence of allergens on site.


For more information, please contact us:

CER Group – Health Department

Gaëtan OTTO
+32 (0)84 31 00 90
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+32 (0)84 31 00 90
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.