Thyreomerk project

Title: The use of biomarkers as an alternative method of detecting residues of exogenous antithyroid drugs administered to livestock within the framework of the monitoring programme

« Biomerker benadering als alternatievemethode voor het opsporen van residuen van exogeen toegediende thyreostatica bij nutsdieren in het kader van het controleprogramma »


Project developer:       University of Ghent – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UGent)

Acronym:                       Thyreomerck

Contract no.:                 RF 11/6260

From:                              01/02/2013

To:                                   31/12/2015


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Financed by: Federal Level – SPF (Federal Public Service) – Public Health

Brief outline of the project:

The aim of the project is to check for the possible existence of endogenous thiouracil. Although the use of antithyroids to fatten livestock is prohibited, control laboratories have been finding a low dose of thiouracil in urine samples regularly for some years now. It is important to know if this is endogenous or if it has been administered illegally.

The primary objective of the project is to determine a “baseline threshold” above which the presence of thiouracil can be considered as suspicious. The secondary objective is to give animals different types of food to see if any of them could cause production of thiouracil.

The project is also aimed at trying to identify biomarkers that could enable us to differentiate between endogenous and exogenous thiouracil.


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Role of the CER: 

The CER has an important role in this project. It is in charge of in vivo experiments on bovines fed with different types of food containing brassicaceaes in which the precursors of thiouracil are present. The CER is also responsible for developing an analytical method of confirmation by LC/MS-MS.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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