Peptido-Genomics project

Title: Peptidomic and genomic approach to the detection and identification of protein components of animal origin in the diet of livestock

Acronym: Peptido-Genomics

Agreement no.: RF 11/6243


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Financed by: Federal level - SPF - Public Health

Brief project summary:

Two experimental strategies are going to be developed in response to changes in the legislation on the use of proteins of animal origin in livestock feed (EC Regulation no. 1234/2003). The lifting of the total ban on animal by-products is conditional on the development of tools enabling checks to be made on the banning of intra-species recycling and the use of processed animal proteins derived from ruminants. The analysis of peptides dissolved by enzymatic digestion by means of mass spectography and new PCR tests capable of distinguishing the tissue of origin of the amplified DNA from the methylation sites present in its sequence are the two innovative routes suggested in the context of this project. An envisaged validation route is based on the development of immunological tests.



Role of the CER: 

The early project stages consist essentially of identifying the peptides of interest. These tasks will be performed by the Wallonia Agronomy Research Centre and the Notre-Dame de la Paix University Faculties. If the investigation succeeds in identifying useful peptides, it should be possible to develop immunological assays. At this stage, the CER will get involved and produce specific antibodies to validate the ELISA tests.

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