Antibodies and kits

The Group’s Health Department has acquired its international reputation by developing immunological methods for monitoring residues (Directive 96/23/EC). The antibodies produced in the context of research projects have been put to work in diagnostic kits designed for laboratories that routinely undertake residue monitoring.

Several new ELISA kits have been issued in recent years, thus expanding our range and enabling us among other things to investigate anabolic compounds, beta agonists, corticosteroids, tranquillisers, coccidiostats, marine toxins, etc.

All these kits are currently marketed by our partner EuroProxima.

The Department also offers radioimmunological kits and immunoaffinity chromatography gels. These immunoaffinity gels are very useful for purifying biological samples before they are assayed. This technique of purification allows us to considerably reduce the background noise prior to an analysis such as mass spectography.

Finally, we can also provide antibodies in the natural form as well as double antibodies.

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