Food allergies

Allergy to foods is a significant health problem that is growing over the years.

Approximately 2 to 3% of the world’s population and up to 6 to 8% of children can be affected. We have witnessed an increase in the frequency and severity of reactions over the last ten years.

Do your products contain allergens ?

Do you work in the agri-food sector? Then you are definitely concerned by the recent adoption of new laws requiring information about the presence of potential allergens on food labelling. To enable you to meet these new requirements effectively, the CER Groupe carries out tests to detect the presence of allergens in your products.

New legal requirements
Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 lays down some new food labelling rules. The main change having gone into effect since December 2014 concerns mandatory consumer information about the possible presence of allergens in non-prepacked foods.

Precise analysis of your products is thus a must…
Our department proposes a wide range of allergen detection tests, a service that we offer since 2010. These tests are applicable regardless of your sector of trade activity (bakery, pastry, butchering, charcuterie and delicatessen, chocolate, catering,...) and are ISO 17025 certified.

Meeting your legal requirements and more!
Consult the attached technical data sheet to see the various allergens for which we have developed highly specific-performance tests. Additionally, we can also carry out ‘customized analyses’ to meet your needs.

Your advantages with the CER Groupe
We are involved in a host of national and international research projects in this field.
Thanks to this expertise, the CER Groupe can help you:
- to adapt existing methods to meet your specific needs;
- to manage cross-contamination risks;
- to improve the quality of your products.

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Analyses available

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